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Diving in Saint François, Guadeloupe: Discover an Enchanting Underwater World

Guadeloupe, with its crystal-clear waters and exceptional marine biodiversity, is a dream destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. Among the must-visit places, Saint François stands out for its fascinating underwater landscapes and unique diving spots. In this article, we will explore the wonders of diving in Saint François, Guadeloupe.

Diving Sites in Saint François

Saint François offers a variety of diving sites suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced divers. Here are some of the most popular sites:

  • **1. La Piscine**: Ideal for beginners, this site resembles a natural pool with calm and shallow waters. You’ll discover abundant and colorful marine life.
  • **2. Îlet de Caret**: This island offers diving along a spectacular coral reef. You’ll encounter rays, turtles, and a variety of tropical fish.
  • **3. Les Rochers de la Porte d’Enfer**: For a more advanced dive, this site features impressive rock formations and caves to explore. You’ll be amazed by the diverse marine life inhabiting this area.

Tips for an Unforgettable Dive in Saint François

To make the most of your diving experience in Saint François, follow these recommendations:

  • **Equip Yourself Properly**: Choose high-quality diving gear and ensure it fits well to guarantee your comfort and safety.
  • **Hire a Local Guide**: Opt for a guided dive by a local professional who is well acquainted with the sites and diving conditions in the region.
  • **Respect the Environment**: Be a responsible diver by avoiding touching or taking pieces of coral and by respecting marine life.

Opportunities for Vacation Rental Owners in Saint François

If you own a vacation rental in Saint François, scuba diving can be a compelling attraction to entice travelers. Highlight the proximity to diving sites and offer partnerships with local diving centers to provide your guests with an unforgettable underwater experience.


Diving in Saint François, Guadeloupe is a captivating experience, allowing you to explore a breathtaking underwater world. With a variety of diving sites suitable for all levels, this destination is a paradise for divers. Ensure you are properly equipped, choose experienced local guides, and respect the marine environment. For vacation rental owners in Saint François, diving can be a major asset to attract travelers seeking marine adventures.